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Action Utility Contractors, located in Empire, AL, was founded in 1995. Built on the foundations of trust, dependability, and a job well done, we are in business to do the job right the first time. As an Alabama based firm, we specialize in small to large-scale construction residential and commercial projects. With skilled employees, excellent equipment, and knowledgeable partners, we can accomplish your goals, even those proving difficult or challenging. Our licensed and experienced company can handle it. Call us today at 205-647-8331



Water and Sanitary Sewer

Maybe two of the most vital parts of any commercial and residential constructions are water and sewer installations and connections, so choose a company that excels at Water and Sanitary Sewer applications. Action Utility has proved this because we are an approved contractor for Jefferson County Utilities, Birmingham Water Works, and Trussville Utilities.


With our fleet of equipment, such as backhoe loaders, bulldozers, dredgers, track hoes, etc. we are able to excavate your large areas and complete tasks without delays. Doing all of this while offering competitive rates and quality work so you can have the best of both.

Whether you are looking for excavation at your home for a retaining wall, a pool, or you are looking for something on the large scale like an apartment development or store construction, you can count on Action Utility. 


Action Utility designs and installs roadways that are built to last. We work on these projects by following the industry standards in road construction, local codes, and government laws so you won’t have to worry about legal problems.

Storm Water Retention

With the unpredictable Alabama weather, one of the most common problems for land owners is storm water runoff and drainage issues. During extreme weather, it’s not surprising to see pictures and videos of streets, parking areas, lawns, and even entire properties experience storm water problems. When storm water is not addressed properly, it can cause safety issues with structures and plantings. Action Utility can address this problem and even take measures to prevent it before it starts. Storm Water Retention, a flood prevention technique, directs storm water from property areas into an area such as as retention pond. Action Utility can turn storm water into a viable pond with flora and fauna making it a beautiful focal point for any location.


We all know with construction comes debris, garbage, and other "left-overs." Hauling construction debris off site is among the most labor-intensive but least rewarding processes. At Action Utility, we are equipped to haul all types of material from your site: Dirt, Gravel, Re-bar, Concrete, and other Construction Debris. And we offer this for both commercial and residential clients.


At Action Utility, we are able to complete:

Rough Grading

Through Rough Grading, we level and compact soil to prepare it for the initial development and construction on the property. Action Utility will ensure that the surfaces we prepare for construction are properly graded according to local codes so you can avoid legal problems and also to keep potential drainage problems from occurring during future construction.

Finish Grading

While Rough Grading is the initial grading to take place, finish grading is usually the last step before actual construction phase. This can involve materials like concrete or asphalt pavement. For finish grading, we employ special equipment and tools to make sure the property properly drains and meets elevations plans.

Commercial Grading

We take on commercial and industrial grading projects as well, for sites like restaurants, apartment complexes, retail spaces, hotels, factories and warehouses. 


Demolition may sound like a simple no-brainer task, but we take it seriously. Action Utility ensures proper permits are obtained before beginning and making sure safety is at the forefront of the whole process. Whether taking down a whole building, or just part of a structure, we are equipped to give you the best service at the best price. 

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